Global Head of Sales, ING, Netherlands
“You have a tremendous gift as Executive Coach. For years we only met over the phone, yet it has always felt you were sitting right in front of me, being able to observe my body language and emotions as well. At times your insights were so spot on that it almost became ‘spooky’. Honestly, you have changed my life.”

SVP Wells Fargo, San Francisco
“You’re a coach who understands the demands on business leaders in today’s operating environment, especially in finance services.  You have amazing experiences that bring forward relevant and practical advice.”

EVP, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
“The work we did was all about making me a human better – able to better manage the human condition of the complicated life of an executive.  It wasn’t just about how I could be a better executive or accelerate my career.  My work with you helped me improve the way I face life in totality.”

VP, Pandora, Top 40 Women of Influence Bay Area
“While you were always supportive you weren’t the usual “cheerleader.” I needed a brilliant mirror not another cheerleader. I loved that you were open to my style and adjusted yours (I see a lot of template coaching).”

President, Johnson Wolverton, Creative Brand Firm, New York
“Your passions and commitments shine through: you practice what you preach by taking risks and going for the things that matter.  I also really like that you don’t shy away from the mysterious and unknowable.”

CEO, Scotiabank, Malaysia
“Your ability to make an impact through one statement or short sentence that really resonates and sticks … I will never forget those statements.”

GM/SVP FBC, Dallas
“Your coaching has been transformational.  I learned how to be a better – person, executive and leader.”

CEO, SC, Inc., Boston
“There was me BA (before Allan) and there is me AA (after Allan) — the latter being a better me.”