“My work is not designed for everyone.  This is a collaboration, not a class; a conversation that has the power to affect a permanent shift in those who are primed for transformation.”

This work is for you when you are ready to:
Amplify the impact of your leadership;
Elevate your leadership “brand”;
Achieve a better work-life integration without sacrificing excellence;
Become more inspirational to others inside and outside your company;
Gain greater clarity on what is “yours to do” in your leadership role;
Build your legacy as a leader who mattered and made a difference.

Types of Engagement:
1. Leader Transition
Acquisition, work change or preparation for an imminent career move Partnered with senior executive in a rapid-growth technology firm defining a career succession plan resulting in the elevation to CEO. Achieved successful 100-day onboard strategy, established strong alliances with board of directors and increased senior team dynamics resulting in outstanding performance and business results.

2.  Leader Elevation
Plan for a staged career climb
Served as Executive Performance and Leadership Coach to new Partners of a top global strategic management-consulting firm elevating their leadership brands, leader presence, while strengthening strategic partnerships, leadership effectiveness, and performance management.

3.  Executive Polish
Partnered with incoming CEO/President of $600M manufacturer/ distribution food company providing Senior Executive Leadership Coaching to CEO and senior team related to leadership presence, leader brand development, and strategy. Results included re-engineering of senior team, 4x stock improvement in 48-months, dramatically strengthening Board of Directors and developing a performance-based culture.

4.  High Impact Retirement
Partner with high impact leaders who are nearing retirement or recently retired, desiring to build a compelling roadmap for their third act of life. Discover your path to high impact retirement at Questage.

My signature human performance strategy catapults high-potential leaders into lives of great contribution. My approach highlights six focus areas:
Impassioned Presence
Communication Agility
Range of Influence and Impact
Power Alliance
Career/Leader Brand Management
Work/Life Integration